Good friends and good things to come

Thank you Chief Norman Mitchell for picking up my trophy from last weekend’s tournament. I’d hung around for awhile waiting for the final results.  Being the among the first group out to shoot and the first ones to return it was going to be a long wait.  Brenda would be waiting on me at home, so I headed back to Hertford before the awards were announced.  Norman called around 1:30 PM on Saturday to let me know I’d gotten third and he had my trophy. It is nice to have friends like Norman.IMG_2069

Chief Mitchell

Collecting the award,  I was introduced to  Cliff and Woody, working hard updating the indoor range at Fountain of Life Sportsmen Ministry in Elizabeth City.


When they have finished I’ll post the before and after pictures. There was another person painting on the back wall, but we didn’t meet. These guys are doing a fantastic job. Man it is going to be nice!


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  1. You are more than welcome this why we do what we do so that every one can have a good time doing what they enjoy

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