Harder than I Thought it Would Be

I’d been shooting well for 50-meters. It seemed a bit too good. I measured the distance using a range finder from the stake – 52 yards. I thought it was suppose to be 54 yards.

Double-checking, 50-meters is 164.049 feet. Using a tape measure I learned why my shots had been so good- the distance was six feet short. Six feet doesn’t should like much. Still it gave me a rough time for a couple of hours after I made the distance correction.

The yellow is off center to my left to avoid hitting the tripod’s support legs

To make things more different, I rotated my target. I can’t shoot an arrow into my target back stop if the foam block is sitting centered. The arrows end up with about a 1/3 to ½ poking out the rear of the foam block. The arrows in the center smack the center leg of the tripod, which flattens or bends the tips. So, I position the paper target where arrows clear the tripod’s supporting legs. Then I spin the target so that I get to practice on the corners. A few more feet in distance and the lower right corner gave me a fit.

This lower right was getting me worried

The pain didn’t last, thankfully. During my second practice on the same set-up I shot as well as I had been doing before I made the changes.