Help Getting Ready to 2022 Outdoor Archery

“The light was bad”

“My arm hurt”

“The arrows were wrong”

“By bow is out of tune”

“The guy next to me kept taking”

“My release felt funny”

“My cams weren’t right”

“My sight must have slipped”

“My wife has me working on a honey-do list and I haven’t been able to practice”

“I need a Hoyt so I can shoot better”

“I need an Elite so I can shoot better”

“I need (which ever bow it is that isn’t in your hand) so I can shoot better”

“I need fatter arrows”

“I should have the green pin rather than the red pin”

“I had fried chicken grease on my hand and my release slipped out of my hand” (Yes I actually heard this one)