Hot Time in the Old South

The temperature was 100° F in the shade. There was no breeze coming off the Little River. Practice was a hot one in the Old South today.

My morning practice got derailed; it was down right cool at 8:00 am compared to 2:00 PM. I am having one of my out building renovated and needed to make a trip to Lowes to put up more material for the ceiling. During that trip there was a stop to pick up a bike, stop to drop a package off at UPS, a stop to buy carpet, stop to buy wine, and a stop to pick up a couple trophies I’d won and not yet collected.

The 2nd and 3rd place trophies I picked up today.

I’d hoped to get in a couple of hours early and then shoot for an hour or so in the afternoon. Some days the plan doesn’t work. This was one of those days. Because I missed the morning session I spent 2 hours outside shooting at the peak of the heat.

To be honest the heat didn’t feel bad. Now that archery practice is done for the time being I’ll head out for a bike ride and see how 100°F feels while riding.