Hurricane Jose, Adele and Shooting in the Rain

The eye of Hurricane Jose was a couple for hundred miles off the coast at our latitude in near the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Even that far away we felt a bit of its fury. All day there was wind. There was also rain, a light rain, accompanying the wind.

Move on past

All in all, not a great day to be shooting outdoors. Driving into Elizabeth City to practice inside was an option. That course uses an hour of time driving. Really, I didn’t want to spend an hour driving. But, I wanted to practice.

The rain was light enough so that it wasn’t a serious pain. Yes, I practiced outdoors. Well, partly outdoor, I stood in my shed and shot into the rain. I only got wet when pulling arrows.

Wet paper doesn’t last long

The wind was more of an issue than the rain. We’d get occasional gusts that required some timing to shoot straight.

Throughout the practice, I played music. What I discovered from this is that I shoot best with Adele singing in the background – who wouldn’t?