I Need Stabilizers – Are You Looking to Sale?

The price of new stabilizers is, well – a lot! My stabilizers, Bee Stinger Competition are fine with a minor exception. The front stabilizer is the 27-inch length. Two USA Archery Level 4 coaches have pointed out that I’m using “kid” sized extensions. Both suggested e a 33-inch front and a 14-inch side.

When I bought my Bee Stingers, less than two years ago I didn’t have a clue. Today, I am only marginally more educated when it comes to archery equipment. Last week I tried “Big Boy” stabilizers with a fair amount of weight. There was a difference. The float or drift of my dot noticeably diminished.

Those stabilizers were Donkier. Not that I have any specific appreciation for the brand, I think Bee Stinger are fine. I checked prices on both products and decided to look for used stabilizers.

There are less expensive models. But, from what I’ve gathered you get what you pay for. I’m hoping someone out there has a nice set of top level stabilizers they might need to sale.

If you happen to have some on the market, please let me know.