It Has Been Hot But Not For Much Longer

Practicing outdoors in the summer is Georgia is sweaty work.  Trees cover my range and that makes a difference.  Still it has been hot. I’ll take the heat over the cold.

The days are already getting shorter.  They aren’t getting cooler and we could use some rain.  But, if you enjoy being outside and can tolerate the heat.  Tt has been a good summer for archery, not go great for lawns.

When it is 90°F or above I break up practice.  Lately, the practices have been about 90 minutes before I take a break.  When I finish shooting I’m sweating like the pig that knows it is dinner.  During the break between morning and afternoon practice I’ll have lunch, take a short nap, ride a bike, then shoot some more.

Bike riding seems to land during the hottest part of the day.  Often the temperature is well over 90°F by the time I roll off.  When I finish I’ll cool down have a snack and pick up the bow.

It seems like a lot of work and it is.  Before I’ve shot the first arrow in the morning I’ve run for 30 to 90 minutes. Generally, I’m on trails with my dog River before 0730 and it isn’t too hot.  Today, for example it was 77°F at 0720 when we headed out to run.

It has been too hot for River to do the entire run.  She ready to cut back and head home after a mile.  Because we run on our property and the undeveloped woods connected to our land she free range runs.  When it gets to hot for her she stops.  I’ll look back and she’ll start headed the way we came.  She’s not smarter than me when it comes to heat; I have a better cooling system than she does. When it cools off she’ll not want to stop running.

At any rate it has been hot. In the heat you have to keep fluid in you.  I’ve go a gizmo that measures my total body water (TBW).  I’ll check my TBW daily in an attempt to stay around 55%. When we’re born we’ll have a TBW of around 75%.  As we age that percentage decreases.  Essentially, we dry up and die. Stay hydrated.

Coaching Tip

Admittedly, I am looking forward to fall and moving up to 25 and 18 meters.  Then, winter will be here and I’ll have to begin making the trek to the indoor range at Ace Hardware in Social Circle.  Even in Georgia December, January and February are too cold for me to do much practicing outside.