It Is 99° Out There

This morning’s practice was easy.  Pretend tournament practice – sort of.  Rather than shooting ends of 6 this session called for ends of 10.  This drill works on endurance.

Scoring is 70 arrows rather than 72.  Of the 70 arrows the score per 10 arrow ends are averaged.  Once the average is taken the average per arrow is multiplied by 72 to give an approximate score for a 72-arrow tournament.

Unlike the real event 20 arrows are used for a warm up rather than 18.  Let downs are counted in the total but not included as a miss.  It takes more energy to let down than to release so that energy isn’t wasted by not included the shot.

Including those let downs the total morning practice was 95 arrows.  During the time on the range the temperature reached 94°F. Yesterday the temperature in the afternoon peaked at 101°.  The 94° temperature felt cool by comparison.

Yesterday the total arrows shot (excluding let downs) was for 90 arrows in the morning and 30 in the afternoon. Today, the afternoon arrow count was 100 arrows.

The increase is to build endurance. The afternoon drill was to shoot 100 arrows at a shorter distance, 40 yards, and keep them all in the yellow rings.  The drill adds a step: the arrows are shot fairly fast.  Fast enough to get a nice pace going but not so fast arrows land in the red.  At least that was the plan.

Admittedly, I hit the red a few times.  Of the ten 10 arrow ends I only had 2 clean ends.  My worst end landed 3 arrows in the red.  The drill focuses on endurance.  It is a good work out.  When it was over I was sweating like the pig that knows its dinner.

There was a good reason for the sweat.  I noticed the temperature when I came inside – the air conditioning felt cold set at 78°. Outside it was 99°. Toasty.