“It’s like déjà vu all over again,” Yogi Berra

When Yogi Berra uttered the Yogism, “It’s like déjà vu all over again”, he was referring to hits by Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle during a World Series baseball game when they all played for the NY Yankees. His expression came to mind while I’m re-learning to shoot with a new bow.yogiism

A week ago I picked up a new Elite Energy 35. Prior to that I’d shot a Mathews Conquest Apex 7. The two bows are very different.

With the Apex 7 I could be a little loose on my form and still pull off a good shot. Perhaps, not a great shot, but a good shot. Not so with the Elite.

The Elite accepts no mistakes in form. If my form is good, the Elite will deliver a good shot. If I am off just a tad the result is pronounced at the target.


This has forced me to shoot a lot more slowly. With the other bow I shot pretty fast. The Elite demands full concentration and it’s forcing me to re-learn all over again.

There are probably archers who can pick up anything and shoot perfect scores. I’ve met few of these archers.  I’m not in that group. This new bow has me truly shooting as if I’d never shot. However, the learning curve is a lot steeper than the first time around which does, just a little, temper my frustration.

IMG_3576 IMG_3577

After a week of shooting I see why the Elite 35 has been reviewed as a very shootable bow. It’s fun to shoot even if  my arrows are making big wide circles around the X.  Re-learning to shoot is a bit like déjà vu all over again. Hitting the target with an arrow is somewhat like pitching in baseball. Sadly, I don’t have Yogi Berra calling the shots for me.

So far, no lost arrows