It’s Only 10 Grains

Ten grains sounds like a lot to me especially when is comes to arrows.  I needed an arrow update, the ones I’ve been shooting for outdoor events have really gotten hammered.  Calling around I found a shop that could get me more of those arrows.  I’d learn if they were up to meeting their promise.

Heading over I brought several of the old arrows with me to the shop as examples.  The question was could they duplicate the arrows. Heaven knows having a quiver full of assorted arrows leads to poor scores.   The shop manager promised they could duplicate the arrows based on the examples.  Furthermore, the arrows would be reading in about two weeks.  Later, he phoned to confirm the tip weight and the process was underway.

Sure enough within two weeks the arrows were available for pick up.  Eager to get the arrows I drove to the shop to collect. Before paying for them  I weighted them.  The new arrows were 10 grains heavier.

This is about the size of the groups he indicated. I had to move my elevation down two clicks (I also changed the paper before these arrows)

The shop manager held up his hand, made a circle the size of a quarter using his thumb and forefinger then said, “Unless you’re shooting groups this tight 10 grains won’t make a difference.”

I put his claim to the test. Results – 10 grains equals two clicks!

I pulled two arrows before I thought about taking a picture

I like the new arrows okay even though they don’t match all the other arrows. I won’t use them for practice along with all the other arrows, the 10 grains is too  much of a difference. But, I’ll drop my elevation by 2 clicks and use them in tournaments.