It’s tough to compete in May

May is a tough month for competition. Not that the competition has changed, the events that infringe on shooting, running, and other events has increased. This isn’t a bad thing and the timing this year is pretty good.

May is a busy month for our family. It actually begins at the end of April with our oldest grandson’s birthday. That meant a trip to Georgia.

Then, there’s my wife’s birthday on the first weekend, mother’s day the second weekend, my birthday the third weekend, a granddaughter’s birthday the following weekend and our anniversary the next day. Add to all of that another granddaughter due mid-May and well, it becomes a very busy month.

We enjoy all the celebrations even if my wife and I are the one’s that end up doing all the driving.

A week ago I bought a new bow and am still learning how to shoot it. So, going to competitions in archery aren’t high on my agenda until I become smooth with the new bow. I’ll practice during the week and rather than driving to compete I’ll be taking part in some family festival on the weekend. Nevertheless, if I can work in a shoot I’ll take what I can get. But, May is tough for sporting events.