Learning to shoot an Olympic Recurve

On July 22, 2020 the Olympic recurve I ordered from Lancaster Archery Supply in Pennsylvania arrived.  Today is August 19, 2020.  I’ve shot 2251 arrows using the new recurve bow. It has been tough not shooting more arrows.  It is fun.

Knowing things can get overdone I’ve limited the number of arrows to shoot per day.  This is to allow the new style of shooting to gradually take hold.  It isn’t as if I having been shooting.  But, shooting a compound bow and shooting a recurve does create a change when it comes to how an archer applies work to muscles.  It isn’t entirely like starting fresh, but the two styles are not a 100% match when it comes to all elements of the shot process and biomechanical function. It seemed wise to limit how many arrows per day in order to avoid a potential injury.

I have slowly increased the number of arrows per day on a weekly basis, increasing by twenty arrows per week.  Currently, I am at 140 arrows per day.  Those are broken into two sessions one in the morning one in the afternoon, seventy arrows per session.

I’m not just heading out and flinging arrows.  I’ve been trying to work on specific objectives associated with recurve form.  As I’ve gotten stronger holding the form has improved.

Of course, I didn’t just pick up the bow and start hitting Xs.  Neither have I missed the target.  For the first 1000 arrows I didn’t even care where the arrows landed.  I did want them to hit the target so that I might not misplace in arrow.

After about 1000 arrows I made a game where I try to get all the arrows to end up in yellow from 18 meters.  At this point, 18 meters is as far as I’ve shot the recurve.  That little game, the Yellow Game, does make things interesting.

The Yellow Game’s goal is 100% of the arrows in yellow.  At present 51% are in yellow.  Still a long way to go to reach 100%.

I’m also enforcing a strict recovery plan.  I don’t shoot on Wednesday or Sunday for the moment.  That will change, as I get stronger.  In the meantime, the Yellow Game is a way to help focus on the process and I’m trying to be patient.