Loads of Shooting and Wind

There were a lot of arrows flying around today.  Many of them indoors.  What I wanted to do was gather more data shooting a 3-spot at 18-meters.  Once again I’ve made some minor adjustments trying to find my optimal shooting form and equipment combination.

That exercise didn’t pan out because I ran out of time.  Initially, there was enough time for 66 arrows.  During these tests I have my bow previously sighted.  Then I shoot a standard 6 arrow warm-up, typically what I get in an indoor competition.  Next I shoot and score 60 arrows.

The test was going so poorly I made a decision to make further changes and start over.  That meant not enough time for another 60 arrows.

After the indoor flop I wanted to try again at home.  The problem back home was the wind.  To make the comparison of scores as fair as possible I enter data where the cirsumstances are most similar. So, I shot for form and practice but didn’t record data for statistical analysis.  There was simple too much wind.

The wind finally drove me into the woods and 3D.  The leaves are down and there was still a good amount of wind with which to contend.  In addition to wind, many of the trails leading to targets are under water.  When I left the range my legs covered with mud. Some of the water and mud might have been avoided, but where’s the fun in that?

Last year, I rarely practiced 3D beyond 50 yards.  Today, since it was really more about getting a feel for minor changes in my equipment and I’d found a spot more protected from wind I just kept backing up.

The first arrow, at 55-yards, was a bit to the right. I compensated and shoot the second. From 55-yards I only saw the one shadow and thought, “Oh, crap.” But, it turned out fine.

My final distance was 70 yards.  Nearly all the shots were taken on one target, the bear that offered a path where the wind was blocked by a large shed.

A 70 yard shot gets my adrenaline pumping.  A little off on any axis could lead to a lost arrow.  Since my arrow speed from my bow is only 272 fps (Estimate not measured. A friend did some calculation and came up with the approximate feet per second) when I shoot from 50+ yards there is ample time to see the arrow arch. It is a little scary when the arrow lifts and seems to be taking a flight that will sail it over and past the target.  Then, there’s the delay before hearing the arrow pop into the target. At 70 yards, that’s a long wait.   Happily, I returned from the 3D range with the same arrows with which I’d entered in addition to mud.

Hopefully, there will be less wind tomorrow. If not, I’ll need to move my 18-meter target around so that I can shoot from inside my shed out toward the target.