Longer Yardage Practice

This coming weekend there’s a tournament where archers have to shoot 30 arrows from 60 yards, 30 from 50 yards and 30 from forty yards. I’m shooting in that tournament and I am aiming for a win.

So far this year I have finished second four times and that is getting old. Twice I lost by one point. Once I lost a good lead over the final six arrows. It has been a disappointing season.

The chair is where I sit my phone that is playing music. This is at 65 yards. There’s a water bottle at the target.

The morning’s practice, which I am writing about, was a planned total of 90 arrows from 70, 65 then 60 yards. This afternoon is 3D practice (I’ve not shot a 3D tournament since last year). Tomorrow will be practice at the tournament distances. This morning it was strictly work to build comfort at distance.

I started early, right after running. It is going to be a hot day and I’ve got to dig up some roses before I ride my bike and practice archery for the day’s second training session.

Leftovers from somebody’s meal

River, my lab, as always accompanied me on the run then supervised archery practice while chewing sticks. At one point she began barking at some nearby undergrowth. When that happens there’s generally a snake in the weeds. I searched by couldn’t find any snake.

There is always a game of stick between ends

Aside from River’s one alarm the morning went well. I’m looking forward to this weekends 2-day 180 arrows tournament.

60 yards, last 10 arrows. I’m okay with this finish of practice