Man it has been hot.

Yes sir, it has been hot. How hot? I have no idea. Brenda told me with the heat index was over 100°F two days ago. Beyond that, I have not checked. There’s no need since I can’t make it cooler. And believe me – I am not complaining!

When I think back to winter and shooting out of my shed while standing next to a wall heater trying to stay warm, well I’d rather be hot.

I keep a water bottle (I use TriFuel) with me in this heat. The iPhone is on the chair so that I can set my timer for 5-minutes during each end of 50-meter practice.

There may come a time when I can no longer take the heat. I’ll have to wait and see. Until then, bring it on.

There’s no need to be foolish in hot weather. Stay hydrated, run more easily, and push a little less intensely on the bike.

I took this picture before I moved my gear back into that shade. The bow was getting ‘hot’ between ends and my TriFuel was warming up.

During archery practice the biggest problem is sweat. It makes my grip slippery. It’s only a concern for a few seconds. Since the bow is just resting on and against my hand, not really being gripped, once it settles into place all is right on the range. The sweat is a bit more of a problem when it drips into an eyes.

All in all, I’d rather not be cold.