Man, it’s Cold!

The temperature here on the Little River was 28°F (-2°C) with winds blowing from 14 mph to 21 mph (22 kph to 34 kph). It felt like 17°F (-8°C) outside. Granted, this is warmer when compared to many places and there was no snow (there was ice). Nevertheless, it was nippy shooting outdoors.

This duck didn’t seem to be enjoying the weather a whole lot.

Where we live the closest public indoor range is over an hour drive in cooperative traffic. The traffic along that drive, passing the Norfolk, Virginia maze of messed up roads, is never cooperative. The trip can easily become a 2 to 3 hour automotive crawl. My best option was to dress warm and practice on my property. I’d much rather be cold and outside than warm and stuck in a vehicle on the road.

From the direction I typically shoot, the range runs north to south. The wind was blowing from the north and there was no hiding from it. I moved the face of my target to aim from west to east and used one of my out buildings as a wind block. This worked just fine.

In the distance is the target, beyond the orange and white bags on the right.

The problem to overcome remained the cold. There wasn’t anything do about the temperature. So, I dressed with as much clothing as possible without changing my form so much that it became a hindrance. That meant not wearing enough to stay warm for long.

Range in the attic at Shore Sportsman in Easton, MD. Minutes from our home in Maryland.

On days like these I miss being 5 minutes away from an indoor range. I am also envious of the private indoor range just 15 minutes up the road. I ended up shooting, freezing, going inside, thawing, and repeating the process. The weather will eventually improve and I thaw fast. All the while, I kept in mind, Spring is just around the corner.

(You may question why I regularly convert from English measurements to metric. It’s because a large percentage of my readers live in countries that use the metric system. For them 28° is warm. )