Meet the Pros

Recently, I attended a “Meet the Pros” gathering at a local archery shop. There were a lot of Professional archers at the event. Sadly, I didn’t meet any of them.

One I already knew, have shot with him and been teamed with him. He’s good and ranked number one in the world in his class. We exchanged nods from a distance. Of the other Pros I only recognized two of them. Of those two, I knew the name of one because I could read it on his shirt. (I still don’t know who the other one is.)

I didn’t stay at the event long. I’d ordered Chinese take food at the restaurant next door and I was starving. I hung around as long as my stomach allowed.

The indoor range is packed with Pro archers and fans.

I was pleased that the shop had such a large turn out to meet the Pros. The Pros were there, sitting in a line behind a barricade of tables.

I felt awkward in approaching the tables, leaning over, and trying to initiate a conversation. I couldn’t bring myself to waltz the line in front of the seated Pros, extend a hand and say, “Hi, I’m David Lain. Who are you?” I suppose I could have read their names on their sublimated jerseys. Then, I could have said, “Hi, I’m David Lain, I see you are ‘Bo Anarrow’.”  From that social adventure I remained apart.

Rather than talk with the moated Pros I talked with the fans and spectators that were milling about the room. Whether or not the Professional archers might have been interesting conversationalist I don’t know. However, the fans and spectators where a pleasure and full of warm conversation.

Talking with friends, Gretchen and David, as well as others from around the community was the highlight of the evening for me.

For me, and perhaps had I hung around things might have been different, the event could have been “Hang Out with some Local Archers” and I’d have been happy.