Missing the ASA Leupold/AAE Pro Am tournament

I am missing this year’s ASA Leupold/AAE Pro Am tournament. It is just down the road from where I live. I’m not going to make the drive. I will do my best not to dwell on the missed even

The miss is because we have a good friend that is visiting us over this weekend. It is also on of my grandson’s birthdays. There will be a party. I am really glad our friend is here and I’ll enjoy the birthday party. (There will be pizza)

Still, timing can be frustrating.

Each year I select tournaments to attend. I rank them A, B or C events based on the importance of the event and what I am focused on for a specific competition. The ASA Leupold/AAE Pro Am was a full bore big ‘A’ tournament.

Sometimes we make changes in our plans when if comes to friends and family. There will be other major events.

Rather than being on the range at Wild Wood this morning I was on my range here at home. There were no arrows zipping through the air, to pops of foam animals being smacked, and no cracking of spines when arrows fly wide of the mark and banged into a tree. Instead, if was a peaceful stroll with my dog during which I gave a few minutes thought to the happenings just down the road.

I am already thinking ahead to 2019.