More 3D Practice and Analysis

Learning how to shoot 3D using a scope and adjusting for the yardage is more difficult than I’d anticipated. Last year I shot with pins. Over the 2015 season my average score per arrow was 9.61 in 3D. During the first half of 2016 my scores were lower, 8.3 points per arrow.

During the winter I stopped using pins to practice 3D. I was shooting a lot of 3-spots preparing for Lancaster and the USA Indoor National Championships. It was a slight pain to switch my equipment from pins to a scope each time I switched target styles So, I kept the scope and long stabilizers on the bow.

Using pins, I’d learned to estimate yardages for 3D. If I felt the 30-yard pin was the one to use, I used it. Then I’d aim a little high or low between pins to hit at 27 yards or 32 yards. There was a sort of feel for the yardage.

There is point with my scope where at 30 yards, I hit 30 yards. The same for 20, 40, 50, 60 etc. It’s calibrated down to the yard. The problem is with 3D I need to set the yards. If I am off, well I’m off. And I am off, but not by much, most of the time. I am getting a slight feel for moving my aim a little up or down to compensate for a yard or two after I have set my scope. But, lately, there has been that one shot where I am way off.

The way off shot last week was misjudged by 10 yards. Major brain fart. So, this morning I went out on the 3D practice range for practice and post-practice analysis.

I shot 20 targets. I took a range finder to measure the yardage after I shot. My estimate of yardage for all targets was 34.45. The range finder indicated the average yardage was 34.25. OK, close.

There were 11 shots greater than 35 yards with an average distance of 41.1 yards and 8 shots less than 35 at an average distance of 26.3 yards. The targets were at 24 yards to 46 yards. I shot a 167 and missed, undershot, one target at 40 yards (my estimate, 42 yards per the range finder.) I scored, per arrow 8.35, my average for all of 2016. There had to have been a major brain fart somewhere on the missed shot. There were also two 5s, one on a badger at 37 yards, the other on a mosquito at 24 yards.

This afternoon, I’ll give practice some more.