More Busted Arrows

There was a time when I considered a Robin Hood and rare and cool event. Now, they are not so cool and expensive. In fact, I shoot to avoid them. The greatest risk of hitting one arrow with another, for me, is when I’m adjusting my sight.

When I’m aligning my sight I’ll shoot an arrow. If it misses the X I give my sight a twist or two and take another shot. Typically a second or third shot is all it takes. The risk here is I am aiming for the same X.

The arrows I am currently shooting are not the ones I’d requested. The ones I requested had nice little pin nocks and a nice solid stem in the bushing onto which the nock is placed. When I hit one of those, thus fair, all I’ve lost is the nock. But, when I picked up my new – expensive – arrows the builder had used a standard nock. I wasn’t happy, didn’t want the arrows, knowing that the nock and bushing might one day lead to a Robin Hood. Being in a hurry I accepted the arrows even with the wrong fletching, bushings, and nock. It was inevitable one day I’d bust one or more of those arrows.

Today was that day. I only needed a centimeter or so for a dead center shot. My first shoot was in the 10 ring  but wanted to be a tad closer to the center. I got lazy and didn’t retrieve the arrow. I thought I could slide the second arrow in next to the first. Nope.

There goes $25.00.

I knew better but still took a short cut. It ended up costing me two arrows. Seriously, the cool is gone.