More busted arrows

I do my best not to break arrows. It still happens. There are precautions I take to help prolonging the life of my arrows. A dozen new Bemans doesn’t last long.

Recently I bought a dozen Beman arrows from Cypress Creek Archery in Maryland. The arrows were Beman ICS Hunter 500s. These are the arrows I’ve been shooting for the past year. They aren’t very pricy and I decided to use them exclusively after shooting up a half dozen Easton Fat Boys.

The shiny new dozen Beman arrows have been reduced to a mere eight. I lost two to a Robin Hood. It was an unlikely shot. Typically, I don’t aim for the same spot twice in order to protect any arrow that has hot the mark. In this case I shot an X at 35 yards. Then, I backed up to 50 yards. Even though I was aiming at the same X the 15 yard difference ought to have made hitting a Robin Hood unlikely.

Two down

I heard it before I saw it. Two arrows gone.

When I practice on a 30 target 3D range in Maryland I shoot once from the hunter class stake and once from the open class stake. Still, I’ve lost arrows in this fashion.

Several weeks ago, I shot a foam pig. It was a good shot, a “pin-wheel”. When I pulled the arrow from the foam, the insert and tip became dislodged inside the pig. A day later, shooting on the same range and on that pig, I hit the  hidden insert, Robin Hooding it with another doomed arrow. The odds of that are so remote to seem nearly impossible. The impact was enough to create creaks in the carbon fiber of the unfortunate arrow making it unusable.


In North Carolina I have one 3D target. While practicing on it today I moved from around trying to create random distances from which to judge yardage and practice. Moving around means different angles for arrows and hopefully reducing my odds of breaking them.

No way to break an arrow this way….

Shooting from the left of the animal, I moved center, then right. I shot from about 23 to around 34 yards. The arrows were crossed meaning no chance of a Robin Hood. But, as I pulled an arrow it felt funny. The first arrow had gone in from the left. The third arrow from the right. The arrow shot from the right  hit the arrow shot in from the left piecing it.

Four gone

It is frustrating being down to eight arrows. In February I have three tournaments. Between now and then I am likely to break at least 2 more arrows. At this rate I could enter 3 tournaments with only six arrows. Plus, I have to practice with those arrows.

I’ll need to buy another dozen. Worse case is I end up with 4 arrows before the month is out unless I make the purchase. What is tough is no one near me sales the Bemans I shoot. I look forward to the day when I have an arrow sponsor.