Moving Back

I’ve not shot the new Olympic recurve beyond 20 yards until today.  Today, I added yardage in five-yard increments out to 45 yards.  It wasn’t horrible.

The target was a 40-centimeter single spot.  Nearly all the arrows landed in the yellow, red or blue.  A couple of first shots, as I adjusted the sight, landed in the 4 or 3 ring.  A few clicks up or down remedied that error.

Moving back

To be sure, at this point Brady Ellison need not miss sleep.  By now, since I’ve been shooting a recurve rather than my compound, Reo Wilde has been sleeping easily.

Even though I wasn’t really feeling it, I stopped after 80 arrows.  I’ll pick up where I left off during the next 80-arrow practice.

I didn’t want to stop; it felt good to move back.