Needed 3D and a New Bird

Training for 18-meters is fun. Shooting in the woods is, well, more fun – at least for me.  Lately, though the focus of training has been 18-meters. My primary bow, an Elite 35 Energy, is set-up for indoors. To shoot 3D I have to make all sorts of adjustments, twists and turns. Then, the reverse is needed to go back to 18-meters.

I admit, I frequently make the adjustments twice a day. It doesn’t take long, about 20 minutes to get everything sorted. It can make a person envious of folks that have multiple bows.

Actually, I have two bows. Aside from my Elite I have my original bow a Mathews Apex 7. Today, after a couple of hours at an indoor range, I decided to grab that Mathews and set it up for 3D.

I shot my less expensive arrows in case I was all over the place

Once home from indoor practice – wait. Indoor practice was more than shooting for two hours. It started with swimming followed by weight lifting, which added another 90 minutes to training. After that, at home, I added a short stabilizer to the Apex 7 and a pin sight.

3D practice with River includes “throw the stick”

It took a short while to get my pins relatively set before impatience pulled me into the woods. The pins were on at 20 yards and 40 yards. Outside of that is was guesswork.

The yellow pin looked like a choice selection for 35 yards (the old bird)

A bonus was a new turkey. I’d ordered it at PGF Archery in Elizabeth City where I practiced earlier in the day. Weeks ago I cleared a spot for a new target and the turkey was within my budget. This bird is set so that to retrieve arrows the approach is from behind. That allows from a more nature landscape between a stake and the target.

The new bird on the range

Being in the woods, even with a ‘nearly’ set bow and sight, was a nice break to the back and forth walking done when training at 18-meters.