Needing arrows

I am running low on arrows. When I get this short on projectiles the pressure is on not to lose an arrow, break a nock, or lose fletching.

Losing an arrow doesn’t necessary mean missing a target and watching an arrow vanish. Of the dozen Black Eagle Challengers I bought about a month ago I have 5 I can shoot. Two were broken hitting something inside a target. The points jammed into the shaft and the arrows were trashed. One got lost in a tournament where I under shot a target. Goodbye Black Eagle – you’re free. Four have a combination of broken nocks and liberated fletching. That leaves me with 5 shootable arrows.

The little nock I use needed to be ordered and haven’t arrived. The dozen new Black Eagle arrows I ordered haven’t arrived. Five arrows are enough, but I like a cushion. I like a dozen on hand with unused in kept a tube kept cool and stored.

We’re heading to Brevard, NC, Tignal, GA and Savannah, GA. You can bet I’ll be shooting at all three stops. You can also bet I’ll not be making any “experimental” shots with only 5 arrows for a 10 day trip.