Needing Just 4% More for the Moment

The difference is 3 points.  That is over the past three months comparing 60 arrows shooting a 3-spot with a thumb versus a hinge release the slight advantage goes to the hinge still release.  The problem is the highest single score goes to the thumb and that score is 8 points higher than the highest using the hinge.

After 50 are so shots I’m down to a t-shirt to keep cool

It continues to be a frustrating activity searching for a few more points.  Percentage-wise both style releases are equal.  I am only looking for a 4% increase in my scores.  No, a 4% increase is not a perfect score.  I’d like to shoot a 600 every time, but that’s unrealistic for the moment.

Had to tack a target up to keep the sun out of my eyes

When I set a goal I try to make it achievable within the time frame I’ve established for reaching the goal.  In order to achieve the goal I practice a lot.  I measure then manage almost all shots.  For sure, there are days where I simply relax and shoot for fun.  But, most days it’s serious work.

Taking a break and jumping on the Computrainer for a little mind clearing

After this morning’s indoor practice I may have uncovered another small change I can make that may lead to another incremental gain in points. I’ll work on that for a awhile then practice and record some more.

Note: after making the changes things started off great for the first 30 arrows.  The second 30 were par. By then, I’d shot nearly 200 arrows.  I’ll rest tonight and start fresh in the morning.