New Bow String – XFire

Bart Shortall of XFire Strings
Bart Shortall of XFire Strings

Picked up my bow from XFire Strings in Denton, MD. Bart Shortall, champion archer, outdoor writer and master string builder spent several hours with me putting the final touches to my new bow string.  A “Paper Test” revealed a perfect cut.

5 thoughts on “New Bow String – XFire”

  1. Given your experience with various medical technologies, did any cross-over applications for these high-tech strings come to mind? Science favors the prepared mind.

    1. Hi Jonathan

      Yes, I have a few ideas. Checking out the IP and continuing to think about broader applications,



  2. Thanks for the business David, looking forward to keeping up with you locally as well as your webpage! Keep up the good work! ~ Bart

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