New Breed Archery/ Leupold ASA Pro/Am Appling, GA – It’s Hot!

We’ve lived in Augusta. Right now we’re up at the Lake house in Tignall. We’re here for the ASA Pro/Am in Appling. It’s like coming home to shoot.

It’s home and it’s hot. We drove over the Appling to check out the ASA action on Friday. The tournament is at Wildwood Park and the Park was packed with archers, families, vendors, cars, and lots of sweat.

Packed ranges for the team competition

Tomorrow it is going to be even hotter. Most of the accents I heard where from the South. Certainly, many folks competing here over the weekend will be accustom to the heat. One thing for certain, it is a lot hotter here than some of the northern states where I shot during the summer.

Brenda drove over to Wildwood Park with me. When she climbed out of our Ford F-150 she said, “It is so nice not to be cold.” The thermometer in the truck read 92° F (33°C). It was toasty. Good luck to everyone shooting this weekend and stay cool.

Cars and trucks were parked everywhere and baking in the sun.