New Limbs and String for my Elite

I got new limbs for my Elite 35. The old upper limb began to split. Elite was quick to respond. Bumper Williams, owner of PGF Outdoor in Elizabeth City, sent an email and in a little over a week Elite replaced the limbs.


While the bow was at the shop they replaced my old string, with a new 60X Custom String. This string was red and black. My new arrows, when they arrive, will be silver (Easton 2314) and have red and black vanes, a University of Georgia theme.

None of my degrees came from UGA. Even though I attended a college in Georgia (before I transferred) I never made it to the University of Georgia. My undergraduate degree and graduate degrees are the end result of universities in California. But, my heart was always at UGA.


Taking my red and back inspired bow home I reset my sight for 20 yards then began backing it out to 50 yards to find calibration for my sight tape. There are programs where an archer can enter data about the bow and arrows and the data will provide a computer-customized tape. That would be nice and it would be great for 3D. The tape I used was close but not perfect. The perfect tape is missing, of course.