New Target, More Poundage, and a Bonus of Heat

Putting up a new target is nice.  There aren’t holes everywhere.  It is clean.  Clean targets are nice.  Shooting a clean target with new limbs that are 2 pounds heavier takes a little bit of the fun away.  New limbs, even a 2-pound difference can be tough. Especially when the temperatures are peaking.

Beginning with an Olympic recurve I chose 32 pounds as the initial limb weight.  Moving up, as I got comfortable with the prior weight, I increased at 4-pound intervals.  Thirty-six pounds wasn’t a stretch.  At 40 pounds I felt the increase more so than moving from 32 to 36 pounds.

New 122 cm target for those long shots

At 40 I thought I might stop adding weight. Then, 40 began to feel too light.  Rather than make another 4 pound jump I moved to 42 pounds.  Today is the 4th day of practice at 42 lbs.

It started well.  I didn’t overload my work.  I started with a low arrow count, just 320 arrows over three days.  Today’s count isn’t included since I’ve held off shooting for a bit having done a longer than usual training ride on my bike.  I’ll get to the range soon.

Putting holes in a new target face

Next week is a long break.  A long break means four days off.  Honestly, I know I need the rest but it is hard not to practice.  Practice lately has been hot.  I’d rather train in the heat than the cold.  But, when it is approaching 100° F the heat takes it out of you (and me).

A new target and new limbs are fun.  I think I’m going to like 42-pounds. The heat near 100° leads to a good nights sleep.