New Year Resolutions and Facebook

Entering the roaring 20’s I have zero resolutions.  I have training plans and goals, but no resolutions.  Each year I pick a new topic to learn.  This year I have one that I began a bit early having completed my 2019-learning course early.  None of this relates it how much I dislike Facebook.

In 2019 there were specific fitness and sport objectives related to archery and running.  Those sport objectives have been rebooted for 2020.  Like 2019 I am entering 2020 with a level of optimism.  That optimism has nothing to do with Facebook.

If it were not for this website I’d remove myself from Facebook.  Aside from the posts by friends Facebook is overwhelmed with commercial crap and bogged down with unedited untrue “Fake News.” (Not limited to a political party, cause, position, religion, race, sex, economic resource, nationality, pet preference, automotive brand favorite, or stance on global warming)

Certainly, some Facebook posts are occasionally factual.  But, I am not about to sort through the bull on the world’s largest social media warehouse attempting to find them. Often times I skim past commercial offering designed to separate people and communities.  I particularly despise those paid posts. For the most part I too often see commercial posts that are meant to be inflammatory.  That’s no way to make a living that is by building division. For example, I often see t-shirt offerings where the shirts have offensive and divisive slogans.  You may see them too.

I stay on Facebook for the hard to find, thanks to all the commercials, posts by friends.  The posts are there by I must weed through the garbage to find them.  The weeding has become too tedious for me.

If it wasn’t for the connection between the folks that read these ramblings who find their way to this site via Facebook I’d have been gone years ago. In 2020 I am going to do an experiment whereby I stop posting as often stories from on Facebook.  After a while I’ll measure how many visitors continues to have per month.  If there is no appreciable difference – so long Facebook.

In the meantime, I’ll work through my 2020 archery plan and see how that pans out. And by the way – Happy New Year.