No Count Wednesday

Well, no scoring is a better description. Wednesday I did count a little. I keep a running total of the number of arrows I’d shot and the number of times I didn’t hit the X on the 5-spot I was shooting. Some things can’t be helped and numbers are fun for me.

What was more important than the numbers was my right hand. My right hand isn’t always my friend. That’s the hand in charge of my release. Today, my right hand and I worked on getting the angle of my anchor right.

See a few degrees in the angle of my hand, with the dot in the exact same spot can raise or lower the impact point of the arrow. Today, was the day to work on that angle in an effort to find the best point for repeatability.

I imagine there are a whole lot of you that already know this and know where to angle your hand to bring a shot up or down a little. I learned it by trial and error – mostly error.

It went well. Next time, I’ll make some measures and record the variances of arrow impact and release angle. That should be cool.

While today’s practices didn’t yield data to play with, it did suggest some interesting data to collect in the future.