No Deal

Today, I received an email from a potential sport sponsor.  They invited me to be an “Ambassador.”  For that title all I had to do was purchase their gear at a discount of 35%.  I said no.  I like their gear.  I use it. But, I’m not going to market it for them at a cost to me.

The sport industry on the US is big. Annually, the 2019 estimate is for a gross of $73.5 billion US dollars. (1).  That’s a lot of money.  The company that contacted me has annual gross sales of $8.1 million US dollars. Let me be clear, I use their products everyday, but I won’t essentially pay to work for them.  Their employees earn an average of $54,000 per year. Their mid-level managers are earning around $81,000 per year.  So, why did they contact me?

Their “Ambassador” program, like those “Pro” staff programs are marketing and sales tools designed to generate growth by identifying athletes that have some merit who might help the company gain recognition in a specific market. Perhaps, the company that contacted me has seen that one of the largest markets in sport is people over 50 years of age.  In fact, it is a growing market. (2)

Archery is also growing at a rate decent rate. One report suggests archery is growing globally at 7.19%. (3) In the US the archery market grosses around $535 million US dollars per year. (4)

I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to freely give my time and money to companies, even those I like, unless there’s a return.  In any arrangement, unless there’s benefit and detriment to both parties, there’s no deal as far as I’m concerned.  A 35% discount is not enough of a detriment on the company’s part or benefit to me to create a deal.

In archery, the overall largest segment of competitive athletes is those over 50 years old. (5) I’m glad to see that perhaps one company has identified that segment of a large industry.  If, indeed, it was my age that contributed to the company’s marketing contact. No matter the case, there’s no deal.


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