Notes Mental On Peak Performance

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Confidence” is you number one mental factor needed for peak performance.(1)

Coaching Tips

Achieving a state where you feel the confidence takes some work.  You train and train.  When you train, build some matrix to monitor your progress.  Set a goal that relates to your matrix.  If you don’t monitor your work you can’t manage it.

Concentration is another important factor in archery performance.  Being able to stay on task is a must for accuracy.  If you’re at full draw and your mind drifts to the conversation behind you from the non-shooting line, well you’ll more likely put an arrow into the red than the yellow.

The mental factors that impact archery are more than confidence and concentration. Archers must have emotional control.  That nine you just shot can’t be the value that prevents the next arrow from landing in the ten ring.  If you’ve been having a tough time off the range in non-archery related matters, thoughts on those matters need to wait outside until you’ve finished shooting.

Throughout it all you need to remain positive.  You’re shooting reach your best, not someone else’s best.  Stay positive; find ways to delight in your experience and you’ll end up achieving your optimal scores.

Oh, and don’t worry about the score – the score will take care of itself.(2)


1.)Kim HB, Kim SH, So WY: The relative importance of performance factors in Korean archery. J Strength Cond Res. 2015 May;29(5):1211-9

2.) Coach Bill Walsh, NFL Head Coach*

* I met Coach Walsh once. We were speaking in Chicago at the same hotel but to different audiences.  It was a totally unexpected meeting.  When we learned we’d both been invited to lecture we decided to exchange brief comments to each other about our talks.  His talk was essentially motivational mine was physiology.  Among the things I recall was the Coach’s interest in the physiology and how focused he was on learning what he could during my explanations.