Okay, That Was Too Cold

When I ran earlier this morning it was 40 degrees.  Dressed in shorts under warm-up pants, gloves, t-shirt, a running jacket and knit cap it wasn’t too bad. It was, actually, nice.

Archery was another matter. It had warmed to 45 degrees.  Again, not too bad.  I was wearing a long sleeved t-shirt, jeans, boots, a sleeveless sweater, and baseball cap.  It felt fine – for the first 21 arrows.

Actually, by arrow 9 I was noticing my hands were starting to get cold.  My face was next. That was quickly followed by legs, arms, and torso.  The wind picked up a little and convective heat loss began to generate a chatter of teeth.

When I began shooting I hit 10, 10, and a 9.  Those scores remained unchanged for the first 5 ends at 18-meters.  The sun was still low and trees were blocking any radiant heat gain it could have provided.

When I sunk two 8s into the target it seemed like a time to stop, go inside and thaw.  No, be a man, shoot some more! I shot some more and ended the next two ends with 9,9,9 and 10, 9,9.  That was man enough for me.

It will be warmer in a few hours. I’ll be back.