One of those days where swimming and running were better than shooting

Today was good for fitness training, not as good with archery. My morning practice, shooting at paper, I shot okay. Not great but there were some really nice shots. You know the ones that ‘feel’ good. Afterwards I had one of those swims that hurt but it felt good moving through the water.

Running was fine and exclusively on a treadmill. I have four races over the next 6 weeks and a treadmill allows me to set a pace and get a feel for the time per mile. Granted, running on treadmills is as boring as it gets but they serve a purpose.

One of my favorite targets – I like the way the tree line up the shot.

Shooting 3D in the afternoon sucked. I shot a 160 for 20 targets. I warmed up shooting about 40 arrows at different targets over different known distances. Then, I shot 20 targets at unknown distances from a range of 22 to 50 yards.

This pig was one of my good shots from 34 yards.

I try to make the shots difficult and lately have been working to make my targets harder than what I might see in competition. I see a lot of difficult shots during tournaments so I do what I can to make things tough.

This is one of those “on again -off again” targets. The X is just below that center white spot. Still from 39 yards a difficult target.

I’d say today I succeeded.