One of those mornings

Despite a good nights rest, coffee with a good breakfast, it was just a plain dumb way to start the day’s practice.

There are a lot of indoor shoots on the horizon. So, I’ve been practicing more shooting spots versus 3D animals. It hasn’t been easy; the weather has been very uncooperative.

The wind, yesterday, was blowing at a constant 17 mph with gusts to 25 mph. It felt worse. In addition, there was a light rain. I ended up opening the barn doors of my shed and shooting from inside the shed out toward the target. That distance was only 25 yards.


This morning it was hot, humid, and for the moment windless. Skipping my run I took advance of the conditions. No wind is a rare thing here and I was happy to shoot.

Some first shots are really dumb. Being eager to fire off an arrow, which I did, I neglected to adjust my sight to 20 yards. Thankfully, my last shot yesterday wasn’t from 50 yards.