Picked Up a Dozen New Arrows

On Wednesday, I picked up the Black Eagle Challenger arrows I ordered a few weeks ago. These arrows aren’t the $5.00 Wal-Mart “ThunderStorm” arrows I used when I began shooting a Mission Riot less than 2 years ago.

The longer arrow is the “ThunderStorm”

I’ve gone through a lot of arrows during that since August 2013. I’ve also got a pile of arrows I don’t shoot any longer. Black Eagle is the brand that was recommended to me and I accepted the suggestion. One of my friends, Brian Coles, wears a Black Eagle ProStaff shirt during competition. I hope he’s getting his arrows for free. I don’t.

Brian Coles with another podium finish

Granted, these arrows aren’t  the most expensive on the market. But, fletching, inserts, tips, nocks and shafts add up to a pricey purchase.

New arrows.

When I raced I got lots of free stuff. In archery, for the moment, I get a few free things, and mostly I get discounts from sponsors.

I suppose many of you archers get major discounts and loads of free products. Since I have to pay; I need to be careful with my purchase. Obviously, I don’t have money to waste on inferior equipment or supplies.

So, unless I find myself in a jam – like running very low on arrows – I’ll do more research on products before I make a purchase and post the results. I did product evaluations on medical devices for decades. It could be interesting what I discover when using a scientific eye to measure products used in this sport.