Practice in the cold rain and snow

On March 27 it was cold and raining in Easton, Maryland. The next day it was colder and it snowed non-stop. Back in Savannah the Azaleas are blooming, the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade has past. There on the 27th and 28th it rained and the temperature was 74° and 60°, respectively. At our place in North Carolina, the same two days reached 64° then 43°. But, I was in Maryland until I drove onto Harrington, Delaware where I’d compete for a spot to compete at the 2015 IBO World Championships.  In Maryland it was freezing. (Actually, it wasn’t that warm)

Before the world qualifying 3D shoot I had to wait in Easton, Maryland. There are places where I could go practice on indoor ranges. However, shooting paper at 20 yards doesn’t help me judge yardage on a 3D range. Despite the nasty winter-that-won’t-go-away weather I drove to Schrader’s Outdoors in Henderson, Maryland to practice on their 3D range.

The Club House, photo taken on a nicer day.

Schrader’s has decreased their number of targets. They’ve taken the old animals that are shot to pieces off the course. The old targets were piled up against the side of the clubhouse. Before I headed back to North Carolina I’d talked then out of a coyote, a mountain lion, and a turkey. If I’d had more room in my truck I’d have tried to pick up a few others.

This bear, or one of his kin, is often at the max distance.

Over the 20 targets that remained on the range I shot  each 3 – 4 times from the hunter class distance then from the open class distance. The rain on Friday wasn’t too bad while I was shooting and the snow on Saturday, when I repeated Friday’s session, was a non-stop flurry. With a major qualifier on Sunday, and Sunday’s weather forecast was more cold and wind. It was good to practice in the bundle of clothes and gloves I’d need to wear on Sunday.

Spring isn’t making an overwhelming effort to break through this year. Thankfully, I was able to spend a great deal of time in Georgia over the winter. The cold and wet of Maryland weren’t enough to keep me out of the woods or off the range. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to feeling my toes thaw out.