Practicing Form

A little bit high, a little bit low, a tad to the right and a tad to the left. That’s how this morning’s 18-meter practice went.

It was a prefect morning for practice. The temperature was 68°F and no wind. Excellent conditions to work on form.


During the past week a lot has changed. The bow has new limbs, a new string, new stabilizer and more weight with which to deal. To complicate it more, the practice arrows are shorter and lighter than the usual indoor target arrows and my PEEP aperture reducer fell out. (I ordered a new one, but selected the wrong size. A phone call to Lancaster Archery, a RMA number received and the correct size on the way.)

The session this morning focused on form more so than hitting the X. Almost like blind bailing except with open eyes and 18-meters from the target. Of course, hitting the X would have been nice.


Occasionally, an arrow ended up in the X, about 25% of the shots hit home. All the others landed close, all just a little off the mark, all nines.


After 90 minutes, during which very few shots felt right, it was time to give if up for a while and watch the Washington Redskins vs. Cincinnati live from London. Hopefully, this afternoon things will fall in place.

Addendum: The afternoon practice was moving along much like the mornings. Have you ever been shooting and think, “Damn, I shoot better than that!”? You know something is slightly off. Then, you feel where the screw-ups originated, make an adjustment (for me the culprit was the thumb of my release hand) and things begin to return to par or better.