Practicing on the Porch

We’re back in Georgia. Here there’s a nice practice range set up where I can shoot up to 100 yards – if I wanted. It is only marked out to 65 yards. Yesterday, I shot there for hours. Today, I spent time in the woods and on the water. That ate up more time than I’d envision. I ended up practicing archery on the upper porch of the house.

The porch is long about 18 yards before bending around the side of the building. My bow is currently set-up with a 7-pin sight where the top pin marks 20 yards. Since I can’t stand on the porch railing I’d only be shooting at around 16 yards.


Sixteen yards isn’t a long shot. It isn’t a given X with either. It is a tad more difficult with pins when the top pin will over shoot the distance. But, it is great practice for those close-in 3D targets that pop-up from time to time. You now the ones, the bobcat, that raccoon, the oddly placed turkey, and the ubiquitous javelina. During one recent tournament there were 8 of the 20 targets that I needed to hit under 20 yards. Even though my right and lefts were fine on all of them, my ups and downs, mostly ups, hurt a bit. (I ended up taking 3rd)


Because the sun was setting and I didn’t have another option I used the remaining daylight to practice my close up shooting. The porch is the perfect place for this activity. From inside the house the Atlanta Braves versus the New York Mets, which at the moment is a disappointment with the Braves losing by 4 to the Mets, can be heard. A few outburst from inside added to my mental focus practice.

Tomorrow morning I’ll practice longer shots. In at pinch, like this evening, the porch is a great second.