Puttingitontheline Readership Continues to Grow

There are methods to improve the search engine opportunities for Puttingitontheline.com.  I don’t use any of them.  In fact, my search engine optimization is really elementary.

This site is fun for me. No one pays to have me for marketing their products and no one pays to read what I write.  Ideally, I’d like to see this site generate some revenue.

A 2019 goal is to figure out how to earn some money while running this website.  I tried getting help to do just that a few years ago.  I’d hired an “expert” to set up all sorts of income generating approaches and connections.  After a few months I removed all of his ‘work’, his effort generating noting but a mess.

Maybe in 2019 I’ll figure things out that will lead to Puttingitontheline becoming a revenue stream. It isn’t a top priority.  The top priority is to continue to see the readership grow by publishing articles people want to read.  If you have suggestions let me know.

In the meantime, Puttingitintheline is doing pretty good.

2018, rolling data, the 13,711 value is for the month of December though the 17th. (Metric from GoDaddy data)