Racing and Shooting on the Same Weekend

Finally a race and a tournament on the same weekend! I’ve been looking to pair a run with an archery competition for several months. Many times these events end up on the same day.

Eagleman Bike

Over the past eight years I competed in 96 non-archery events. These include: Ironman (3), ½ Ironman (7), triathlons (non-Ironman brand events) duathlons, marathons (7), ½ marathons, 10 mile runs, 10K runs and 5K runs. During the past fourteen months I’ve competed in 18 archery tournaments. These events have taken me all over the world: Hawaii, England, Japan, Italy, and across the lower 48 States.



Prior to 2007 I didn’t keep track of my racing. Each year, beginning in 1972, I’d plan my sport competition schedule. Actually, in the early 70’s my coach, Nestor Gernay, planned the training and racing. All of that was cycling. In addition to cycling, I played football, ran track, and sucked at baseball.

What I learned is that the disciple and attainment of goals, after a lifetime of competitive sport, is a driving force for me. Being able to find multiple events in diverse disciples, back to back, is a real treat.

C-Man Swim

This isn’t the first time I’ve been able to fill a weekend with mixed competition. Last year I ran a ½ marathon one day and did a 3D tournament the next. The 3D course was hilly and I noticed 13.1 mile run the day I ran it and the following day while hiking over the hilly archery course. Actually, for me, going up hill hurt less than going downhill after that half marathon; a lesson I’d learned following the Las Vegas marathon. The day after that race walking down stairs at the Las Vegas Convention Center taught me a new definition of soreness.


The race in Georgia is a short one, only 5K. A 10K would have been good but all longer runs were on the day of the 3D tournament. The 5K is near one of my daughter’s homes so Brenda, my wife, will drive with me to the run and afterwards we’ll visit our daughter and her family. The following day I’ll drive over to Social Circle, GA for the Buckeye 3D. This is going to be a lot of fun.

View during a race to the top of Mt. Evans. Life is about the journey.