Rain, Rain and More Rain


12036673_873278652767872_5329785065186097861_nThe race scheduled for tomorrow has been canceled. Not because a hurricane is going to descend upon us, rather because the course will be partially underwater. The heavy rain and high tides have conspired to ruin our fun.


IMG_0568It sucks when races are canceled. Aside from the 5K here in North Carolina the Ironman Maryland was canceled. Man, what a mess. Entry fee for that event is $650.00. The entry fee is only part of the cost. Those triathletes invest in equipment, sometimes years of training to prepare, hotels, travel expenses and food. The race canceled here in North Carolina was far less pricey. Still, I’d like my money back or have it applied to another event.













We’ve been stuck inside for the most part of everyday for the last two weeks. I’ve not been as vigilant remaining indoors as my wife Brenda. Foul weather gear and boots or disregard and contempt have opened the door of escape for me.

Thankfully, there is an indoor range not too far away.