Rain, Wind, and More Rain and Wind

Shooting outside has been a challenge over the past week or so. Everyday the wind has been a factor, as has the rain. Last year, here in Hertford, this kind of weather would have been extremely frustrating. This year, things have improved.

Stephen in from of this Archery and Tackle shop

In Elizabeth City there is a new bow shop that has an indoor range. Since I don’t have a ‘real job’ I try to get to the “Cutting Edge” to practice inside about once a week.

The weather we’ve been having, lots of rain and lots of wind, (sometimes singularly, at other time as a set) has made me really appreciate an indoor place to shoot. It’s especially nice because I’m practicing when most other archers are working. Granted, it is a bit selfish for me to write that, but I do recall trying to practice on ranges where other archers didn’t have a clue regarding proper range etiquette.


As a rule most archers have excellent manners on the range. There were times, however, when I simply left the range calling it a day because I’d reached my limit of stupid behavior input. Shooting solo the only stupid things I see are those occasional shots I make that aren’t par. The 586 I shot today was a perfect example and one practice session I was glad not to share in real time.

I dropped 14 points shooting inside compared to shooting outside in the wind yesterday. Perhaps the pristine conditions turned me a bit soft.