Rainy Days at PGF Archery and Outdoors

It’s been raining here on the coast of North Carolina. It turned a bit colder as well. Naturally, it’s windy. Not ideal for shooting a bow. Thankfully, there’s an indoor range a little more than a 30 minutes drive from home. The range was there last year. Then, it was under the name of ‘The Cutting Edge.” As “The Cutting Edge” the shop, a hunting and fishing supply store that dealt in archery gear decided to close it doors.

Cold, wet and windy – heading into the big city

In the meantime, “PGF Archery” in Hertford was looking to expand. The proprietor, Bumper Williams had been operating his archery business from a small shed behind his house. When the “Cutting Edge” was preparing to close its doors, those doors opened to “PGF Archery” now doing business as “PGF Archery and Outdoors.”

Before hitting the range: swimming, lifting weights, and treadmill running. This bottle of TriFuel will be empty when all the training/practice is done.

The range remained open and from what I see “PGF Archery and Outdoors” is busy. The inventory seems to be turning over – no doubt the archery inventory is moving. I don’t pay a lot of attention to their other stock. But, a quick glance of their stock, when I enter the store to pay for use the attached archery range, does seem to wax and wan. I do my best to spend a bit of cash there every week.

Much of what I need can be bought online or from other friends that own archer businesses. Bumper, is a local guy and I really do like supporting local businesses. It’s the least I can do for a friend and what little I can to support that wonderful indoor range – a rainy winter day harbor on the coast.