Rainy night in Georgia

It has rained a lot here in Georgia. Rain is better than snow. You don’t see snow when the temperature is in the 50’s and 60’s. I spent last winter in the cold and snow. To Brenda I said, “This is the last winter I spend up north.” In my opinion, North Carolina is too cold. So, we’re hanging out in Georgia. Ray Charles’ cover song, “Rainy Night in Georgia” has frequently been on my mind.

Shooting on the deck

Shooting in the rain is a mess. Still, I needed to shoot if for nothing more than to work on form. We have a pretty long deck here is I set up a new target at on end of the deck and shot from the other. The new target was a Christmas gift from my daughter, Heather.

My top pin is set to 20 yards; on the top deck I have only about 15 yards of cover. The close shots will help on those small short distance 3D varmints I come across from time to time.


The rain finally eased up and I was able to head to my makeshift range. It was muddy and warm on the range. It certainly beats cold and snow.