Range Notes

“If you don’t measure you can’t manage.”  When I worked in the medical field quality control was a part of my life.  I was constantly recording data for quality assurance. A bonus is, I really enjoy statistics.  Today, I measure and manage all sorts of data when it comes to athletics – mine to be exact.

When I look at my training plan for a practice session I also consider how best to monitor and measure that practice.  On Excel I have a data bank filled with spreadsheets, each of those having subsets of data.  It might sound a bit intimidating but it’s easy.

There are commercial apps that people use instead of their own systems.  I prefer mine since I am more familiar with what it does and how my brain worked it out.

On the range I take notes, snap photographs, sometimes make videos and record scores.  Therein lays the data I mine. Here’s an example of my hand notes from practice.  Aside from the scored points you can see (but probably not read) notes where I made a change.  These notes further include where I did something on a shot I wanted to remember what it was that happened.

Notes form the range

Examples of these notes include (since you can’t read them and they’d make no sense if you could):

45 degree angle  – meaning where my hand was positioned.

Pull to side angle – meaning my pull positioned with my elbow flat

Rushed a shot – meaning I screwed up by rushing through a shot.

When I finish practice I evaluate my range notes.  Much is tranfered to one of the spreadsheets.  Those allow me to drill down and measure progress.

If you’re not measuring you are not managing, and there’s nothing wrong with that, you are shooting for fun.