Recovery Time

I have shot an Olympic recurve bow 226 days out of 316 days I’ve owned one.  It seems to be going well.  Over those 226 days I’ve shot 30,426 arrows.  At 26,010 my original bow broke in have at the riser.  I got a replacement.

During the past 316 days I moved up from 32 pounds to 40 pounds.  I’ve upgraded my arrows three times moving from the $4.90 arrows to the $6.90 arrows.  I’ve worn through three tabs and have just ordered replacement leather for my current tab.

I’d like to upgrade my arrows but I am considering moving to 42-pound limbs.  I have upgraded my sight and aperture three times.  I’ve also kept every receipt for every item purchased in pursuit of improving archery.

I don’t shoot everyday, hence 226 days out of 316 days.  The missing 84 days were recovery days.  (About 25% of training is recovery using my schedule)

Today was a half-day and a short day, just 60 arrows in the morning.  There will be no archery practice in the afternoon and no practice tomorrow.

I find it harder to stop shooting than to practice.  But, I know recovery is important.