Red Neck 3-Spot

In February I have three tournaments. One is 3D and the other two are shooting dots on paper. The paper shoots will be against 3-spots. When we left Georgia to return to North Carolina a couple of weeks ago, I forgot to pack my few 3-spot papers targets, and they remain in Tignall. I needed to practice shooting a 3-spot and didn’t have a one here in Hertford. But, I had a lot of rifle targets.

It has been raining here since yesterday. When the rain lifted I aimed to go outside and practice. Finally, the weather eased and I took my shot. I grabbed three rifle targets from my shed and created my Red Neck 3-Spot. I consider Red Neck ingenuity as ‘where there is a will there is a way.’

Red Neck 3_Spot

There was one tiny problem. The orange center of the rifle targets, which is fine when shooting pins, was a problem with my target bow. My target bow has a SA Scope with a small black dot in the center of a lens. The orange of the targets is surrounded by black. There was no contrast to set the scope’s black dot apart.

What I’d do was put the black dot on a segment of white. Then, move that dot, which disappeared while crossing the black segment of the target, toward the orange. When the orange went black I held and tried to make the shot. The field of vision had to be entirely black to hit the center. That worked fairly well but I did hit a lot of nines and eights.

Out of curiosity and because the returned rain began to pick up, I grabbed my hunting bow that has an Axcel ArmorTech sight with pins. I wanted to see how pins would fair against this three spot. Yep, as I expected, it was easier to find the orange.

The rain finally forced me inside. Tomorrow is supposed to be a better day for shooting. For now, I’ll rest my shoulders and try to figure out another way to make a 3-spot.