Running Out of Steam

I had a meeting in Elizabeth City this morning so I skipped my first archery practice. I had time for a run with River and shower before driving into the big city. I got in archery practice before cycling in the afternoon.

Of course, Coco joined River and I on our run this morning.

The meeting in Elizabeth City was worth the effort. I’ve hired a consultant to help with a number of projects. He’s a recent college graduate and what’s so impressive is he works for himself. He’s a few years younger than my youngest daughter. A common thread between them is neither as worked for a “company.” I appreciate that spirit, of individuality and willingness to remain free of the typical 9 to 5 routine.

Following the meeting I headed home for lunch and a brief nap. I always, and advocate it if you can, lying down for a few minutes after the mid-day meal. I don’t climb in the bed. I simply lie on a carpeted floor and take a break. Not too comfortable, and not for too long – about 20-30 minutes. Afterwards, I’m ready for the afternoon.

This afternoon, before cycling on my Computrainer, I practiced on a 3-spot. Shooting from a shed toward the target I stayed dry during a cold light rain. The shed is heated. The light rain wasn’t real bad so getting damp was about as rough as it got while retrieving arrows.

The first 30 arrows, after about 12 warm-up shots, went pretty well. Nineteen 10s using the smallest circle (USA Archery scoring method) and ending up with a 289 (out of 300). The next 30 arrows weren’t so good – 272 and only four 10s.

This is the target for my first 30 arrows; the second is to embarrassing to post.

What I noticed most is I was tired. I couldn’t figure that out – why so tired. When it came time to train on my bike (connected to the Computrainer) I was exhausted. I mentioned this to my wife Brenda.

Afternoon on the bike

imagesBrenda reminded me, “Well, you worked hard, yesterday.” I had worked, but it didn’t seem at hard at the time. I had shoveled, then hauled, and redistributed 25 wheelbarrows of dirt. Plus, I’d lifted weights, run, and shot about 130 arrows. Maybe I had earned some fatigue. But, people work like this everyday; I guess I’m not one of them. Because, man, when I ran out of steam today, I was done.